Granite Sink or Marble Sink?

Everybody wants to have a good looking kitchen. The more beautiful and well-designed the elements that make up the kitchen are, the more beautiful and useful a kitchen can be. The part of this subject that concerns us is of course the sink which is one the basic elements in kitchen. A good looking and high quality sink will positively affect the whole atmosphere in the kitchen. Sinks can be manufactured from various materials such as stainless steel, marble, granite or ceramic. In recent years, thanks to their stylish appearance, granite sinks and marble sinks are getting more popular. Besides their nice appearance, these 2 materials offer many advantages when used as kitchen or bathroom sinks. One of the biggest advantages is their suitable costs. Together with this, they are pretty safe and useful materials. It may be a hard decision to pick a kitchen or bathroom sink made from one of these materials. Here are some of their basic features and differences.

Main Features of Granite Sinks

Granite sinks offer some advantages over those produced from other materials. Maybe the most important one is the aesthetic look. Also they offer long life, resistance to leak, odour and heat and suitable costs.

  • Stylish Look

Granite sinks have pretty stylish appearance. They add a very nice effect to the kitchen or bathroom where it is used. Also they offer many colour options. Depending on the form of your counter, they may be preferred in different forms, designs and with different number of bowls.

  • Long Life

Granite sinks don’t wear out quickly. They are pretty durable against moisture and high temperature. Also granite surface is resistant against scratches.

  • Usage

Granite sinks are highly resistant against stain. Bacteria cannot grow on the granite surface. However it is recommended to keep clean against stain like coffee, lime or iodine. With the help of modern granite cleaners, it’s possible to get rid of this issue easily and keep away surface dirt.

Granite sink is resistant to heat

Considering the advantages and the nice look that they offer, granite sinks actually have suitable costs. They may weigh a bit more than stainless steel sinks. So this means that they may require more effort in installation. However, with advanced production techniques high quality granite sinks with acceptable weight can be manufactured.

Main Features of Marble sinks

In general means, marble is a presentable decoration material. It can be used for many elements in both indoors and outdoors. Also it is available in many different colours and qualities. However it may require careful use and maintenance. Main advantages of marble use in decoration can be listed as follows:

  • Aestetic Look

Marble is offered in many different colours and tones. It is a material with a very different and nice looking texture. Thanks to these features, it can bring a nice atmosphere to the building where it is used.

  • Usefulness

marble sinkSimilar to granite, marble is also resistant to moisture, sunlight and high temperature. It is also durable against scratches or medium hard impacts.

Besides these advantages, in sink form, marble has a layered structure. Mostly in kitchen use, there may occur some stain on its surface. The source of stains may be either some foodstuff (coffee, wine, oil) or some other materials (lime, detergent, etc).

When cleaning marble sinks, acidic substances should be avoided. Also it is recommended not to use boiling water when cleaning.

Some Notable Details

When these two materials are compared in terms of hardness, different results can be reached. Granite is a much superior material in terms of hardness. So that, the wear occurred on a granite sink is much less that the marble one. While the annual average wear on marble surfaces is 0,6 mm, it is around 0,10-0,15 mm for granite surfaces.

Also in means of material durability, granite seems to be a more advantageous material. Depending on its quality, marble offers a life of use from 25 to 80 years while granite offers more than 100 years of use.

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