Usage of Granite Sinks

Usage of Granite Sinks

Usage of Granite Sinks dates back to long periods. We can say that everything started with the usage of pipe systems which bring water to our houses. In other words, it all started with the city water supply systems. Probably it has changed people’s lives in many ways those years. Especially it would have made things much easier for women. However this improvement had something missing. What should be done to avoid the water to flood inside the living space? So this resulted with the improvement of waste water storing, sewer system and sinks.

We can simply explain sinks as pit-shaped articles that provide water to flow through the drainage. Nowadays it is one of the most common materials in our houses that we even forget it’s there.

granite sink usage
Daily life in the kitchen. Kitchens look better with sleek design of granite sink.

Sinks have improved by time and now they split into two groups as steel and granite sinks. These sinks have one, two or one and a half sections. One of the sections is optional mostly for garbage disposal or for filtering the washed food. Sinks may be with or without dripper and offered in various forms and designs in the market. Also granite sinks are mostly from ceramic, granite and composite materials.

Quartz stones and powders blend with a natural resin-like material. Then it gets its form by pouring into molds and baking. So it is the most preferred sink group because of long life.

Advantages and Features

Granite sinks are durable against 280 degrees of temperature and impacts. They have a significant resistance against scratches thanks to special density of the material and durability. Being non-absorbent, they don’t absorb stain permanently. Thanks to the smooth surface, they are easy to clean.

Granite sinks have different colour options. The colour alternatives are, white, black, anthracite, gray and cream.

Today many companies are manufacturing granite sink. It offers colour, brightness, aesthetics, durability and ergonomically many different types for your kitchen. Also it is a good option for bathroom usage other than kitchen.

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