Experience the Difference with Real Granite Sink


Semkon has been supplying home solutions for kitchen. Our main product is well quality Granite Sink for home use basically for kitchens and bathrooms. With stronger structure and stylish look, Granite Sinks are highly preferred as a quality solution for home design. Having various positive values, Granite Sinks are produced with the most suitable way and quality to its purpose of usage.

As well as the stylish look, Granite Sinks offer many advantageous features. Being a shockproof product, it is also scratch resistant thanks to its structure and the material used. In means of daily usage, resistance to extreme heat and stain resistant surface provide advantages. Also it is anti-bacterial, odor free and easy to clean.

With the smooth, well trusted service and reliable products of Semkon, you will add elegance to your kitchen. Produced with special techniques and formulas, our handmade Granite Sinks offer long life. With 5 different colour options, Granite Sinks have single sectioned, on and a half sectioned and two sectioned forms with top mount or undermount options.

Quality Solutions for Your Kitchen

Our handmade Granite sinks will complete the elegance in your house and add value to the time that you spend in your kitchen. With our basic goal to provide quality solutions for your houses, Semkon will be glad to pay effort to offer a special atmosphere with the well quality products. Don’t be late to meet the effect of the crystals of quartz mine and our real granite products.

On the existing or new kitchen countertop applications made of wood, marble, quartz or granite, as long as the terms and instructions for use are followed, our Granite Sinks with suitable models and colours for your counter could be your helper for long years in your kitchen.

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