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The Real Granite Sink

The Real Granite Sink

Add Value to the Time in Kitchen

Considering the time you spend in your kitchen, you can realize how important our kitchens are in our lives. As one of the main pieces in our kitchens, the sink completes the picture. Handmade Granite Sinks prepared with very special techniques and formulas will suit your kitchen very well with their stylish designs.

Complete the Elegance with Granite

Crystals of quartz mine dating back to ancient times are transformed into 100% handmade Granite Sinks, which are indispensable for kitchens. Stylish and eye-catching Granite Sink offer a special atmosphere in the kitchen to their users with 5 different colours and top mount and undermount options.

It also offers various models of single sectioned, one and a half sectioned and double sectioned forms.

Semkon Granite

Your kitchen is different

...with Granite Sink

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