Kitchen Sink Installation Types

With the help of improving technology, kitchen types and sink installation types has gained diversity. Also we can say that the sink types gained diversity together with this. There are many sink types for same purpose. However they are manufactured from different materials and they have very different designs. So it is important to choose the most suitable for your use and taste. Before installing a sink, there are some basic points that you should consider. Firstly it is important to choose and install a sink that you like and also which suits to your kitchen. Because the sink that you install after cutting the counter will completely effect the appearance of your kitchen. So you should choose the correct sink installation types. Otherwise it would be harder to change it back. Also you should consider some other details like the size of the kitchen or the design.

Kitchen Sink Types by Mounting Methods

Giving some information about sink installation types would be helpful for you if you are in such process. It’s good to know the alternatives to make the correct for the best sink design for your kitchen. Sink types diverse according to design, form, material, colour or other factors. One of those factors is installation types.

Top Mount Sink Installation

Top mount Sink Installation

Most common one among kitchen sink is top mount installed sink. After checking the dimensions provided by the sink manufacturer, the counter is cut. Then the sink is placed from above. The sink edge carries the entire weight of the sink. Then the edges stick with silicone. The advantage of such sinks is it doesn’t require an advanced skill during installation. However, depending on the material, you can also call for professional help. One disadvantage for top mount sink is, when you spilled water onto the counter, you are not able to sweep it directly through the sink.

Undermount Sink Installation

Under Mount Sink

Another sink installation type is under mount installation. In such installation type, the sink is placed under the counter. Assembler can either hang the sink below the counter or place it onto the cupboard furniture. The biggest advantage of such sinks is, you can clean the liquid on the counter right through the sink pit. For attaching the sink below the counter, you can use mechanical fasteners and clips. Kitchen sink that are made of stone require assembly with a well designed installation. This is also a very common installation type.

Flush-mount Sink Installation

Dual Mount Sink Installation

Top mount and under mount installations had been the most common ones for long years. In recent years designers developed dual mount installation to create better looking kitchen designs. In this installation, assembler cuts the counter and places the sink from above or below. The sink design provides both the sink and the counter in same level. For this, a notch is made on the surface of the counter. The depth of the notch is the same as the thickness of the sink edge. Then the sink sits on that notch so the upper levels of both the sink and the counter are the same.


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