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Crystals of quartz mine dating back to ancient times are transformed into Granite Sinks, which are indispensable for kitchens, with 100% handmade and handcraft processes at each production stage.
Stylish and eye-catching Granite Sinks offer a special atmosphere in the kitchen to their users with 5 different colour options and top mount and undermount installation features.

Usefulness and Advantages Complete Stylish Look

Our Granite Sinks, which are stain-proof, resistant to heat, abrasion and scratches, will be indispensable for your kitchens thanks to their long life with the following advantages:
―  It provides high durability and resistance against impact.
―  Retains its original appearance for years.
―  It does not contain food stains or odor on its surface.
―  It is resistant to heat effects, sunlight
―  It is made of material that does not harm human health.
―  It has a special surface coating that does not hold or contain bacteria.

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